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Therapy for Lymphedema

Prior to the commencement of treatment a complete medical history is taken and an evaluation performed by a New York State Licensed Physical or Occupational Therapist who is certified in Lymphedema Management. Our extensive training and experience allows us to recognize contraindications, complications, and or the need for additional medical evaluation and clearance.

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Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a gentle technique often referred to as lymphatic massage that moves lymph from edematous areas into areas of normal function. The strokes are slow and rhythmic and must be applied in the direction of lymph flow.

The therapist strokes, or pushes the skin in directions that follow the structure of the lymphatic system  so that accumulated lymph fluid can drain through unaffected channels.

This technique is not painful and causes general relaxation in most patients.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Compression bandaging.

Compression Bandaging for lymphedema and related conditions is called multi layered bandaging. A typical bandage consists of varying combinations of the following:

  • Finger or toe bandaging
  • A tubular bandage
  • A layer of soft synthetic cotton
  • A foam layer
  • A bandage layer: short stretch bandages, unlike long stretch ACE bandages
  • Taping to fix everything in place

Bandages serve to maintain edema reduction and enhance muscle pumping.

Proper skin care decreases the incidence of secondary infection.

Exercise improves lymph flow.

Compression Garments

Compression garments are fitted once decongestion is achieved and measurements are stabilized.

These garments MUST be worn daily. Good fit is essential for comfort and to maintain the benefits of treatment. Poorly fitting and worn out garments may actually increase edema!

By the time of discharge, patients will be instructed in all aspects of self maintenance. This will include skin care, self massage, garment care, and a home exercise program.

New Advances in Treatment

Compression Garment

Alternative Compression Systems

New products that are lighter and less bulky are now available as an alternative to standard multilayered bandaging. These products have proven successful for select patients and are part of our unique and flexible approach.

Low-level Laser

Laser therapy has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of lymphedema. Studies have found that it can help reduce volume, break down scar tissue, and increase range of motion. We have found it most helpful in the treatment of Axillary Web Syndrome.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape may be used as an adjunct to treatment. The tape mimics the effects of manual lymph drainage by lifting and stretching the skin. Once applied Kinesio Tape can remain in place several days thereby enhancing lymph flow. Ideally a patient who benefits from taping will learn to self apply it and incorporate this into their home maintenance program.

Whole body vibration machines

Whole body vibration machines enhance lymph flow contributing to better drainage of congested tissue. The heart acts as a pump for the circulatory system. The lymphatic system has no such pump and relies on  movement caused by muscles. When one stands on a vibration platform, the muscles contract and relax many times per second thus enhancing muscle pumping.

Whole body vibration is recommended as part of the treatment plan for people with Lipedema as well. Fat deposits can block normal lymph flow leading to Lipo-lymphedema. Vibration can assist in decongesting the tissues and has been known to help relieve the pain associated with Lipedema.

Therapists also use vibration to improve muscle strength, flexibility, bone density and balance. Pathways has a state of the art platform that allows for both pivotal and spiral movement. This plus a wide range of frequencies allows us to customize your session to your needs.

Additional Information

We provide free informational seminars and baseline measurements to any patient facing treatment that may render them at risk for secondary lymphedema.

All sessions will be held at our Weber Ave. location. Preregistration is required.

Our goal is to make patients aware of the avoidable causes and complications of lymphedema. As well, we wish to make them aware of early symptoms so that treatment may begin early and end successfully.

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